UniTrade Directory, Unity of Santa Rosa
The Board of Trustees at Unity of Santa Rosa is excited to announce our new “UniTrade” program. UniTrade is a business oriented program that connects business providers in our church community to users of their services. In the process, the “trader” will give a sales discount for services or products to the user. They will also tithe a portion of the transaction to our church. The service providers will get promotion throughout our Unity circle. The purpose of UniTrade is to raise funds for our church, build relationships, and help promote businesses within our community. UniTrade is a win-win transaction for all participants.

Here is how it works. Members in our church community agree to provide their business goods or services to others with a specific discount. The user of the service gets a savings on their purchase and the trader then tithes a portion of the transaction to the church. The nature of the discount and the tithe are at the discretion of the trader. The discount may be a coupon or a percentage off the regular price.

If you are a business/service trader, please fill out a Registration Form to register your business and discount. These businesses will be advertised here in our Unitrade Directory and in a printed flyer available at church.

Look for the flyer at church and on the website to see who and what is being offered and the corresponding discount. This month, we are listing the UniTraders here so you can see what it is all about. More UniTraders are added monthly. And remember, each trader tithes a portion of the transaction to our church.

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