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David McNair

November 17th
David McNair, Licensed Unity Teacher
Music by Cheri and Maury
Lesson: “Unity 101, Part 2: Who Are We?”

Many of us have been taught that we are flawed from birth, that “Original Sin” by Adam and Eve has doomed us to a life of pain and suffering. Some of us have also been told by family, friends, and our culture that we just don’t “measure up”. Unity teaches the truth of who we really are. That truth can set us free from the bondage of negative self image and limiting beliefs.

David McNair is the black sheep in his family. The son and grandson of Episcopal Bishops, he found Unity thirty-four years ago and has never looked back. He has performed every job possible in a Unity Ministry as a volunteer. He has advanced training in Hospital Chaplaincy, Hospice Grief Counseling, Unity Chaplaincy, and Pastoral Counseling. He has served as a Licensed Unity Teacher, the Spiritual Leader of Unity Clear Lake, on Unity’s West Central Regional Board, and is the Pastor Emeritus of Unity of Richmond. He believes that the presentation of spiritual principles should be interesting, practical, and involve a sense of humor.      

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