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Maggie Cole

August 25th: Maggie Cole
Music by Cheri and Maury
Lesson: “Trust and Faith”

“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet we still go forward. Because we trust. Because we have faith.” -Paulo Coelho

“Faith is the recognition that Spirit works in, as and through each and all of us — through every person and every circumstance.” -Dan Millman

As a spiritual being having a human experience, I have followed my thoughts and desires for the revealing of the presence of God in and through a myriad of conditions and circumstances. I have found that Faith is the bedrock of our spiritual journey. It is the foundation that supports the belief and trust in God, in the belief that we live in a friendly universe, even in the midst of external circumstances and conditions that at times challenge this belief.

Rev. Michael Beckwith has said “When you have faith and abandon yourself and all the details of your life to this faith, your greater yet-to-be bursts forth. Those who practice faith walk freely everywhere they go in the world.”

Enthusiasm for God, Divine Purpose and a genuine love for New Thought teachings are the qualities Maggie Cole brings to her passion for this sacred and spiritual work. Maggie is a living example of the ongoing transformational power of this philosophy, spiritual practice and a clear intention to know God. Maggie’s authenticity and genuine atmosphere is her trademark. As she is open and vulnerable, she is a powerhouse when it comes to honesty, compassion and inclusiveness. She notes:

As a Teacher, I bring my authenticity, integrity, beginners mind, heart, wisdom, inviting all to seek and heed the teacher within.

As a Speaker, I bring my unzipped self, a sense of humor, the truth of what is alive in me and what God delivers through my mystical intuitive nature.

As a Spiritual Being, having a human experience, I am committed to continually surrender my life to God.

More information about Maggie Cole is available at her website at:

Larry Schneider

September 1st: Rev. Larry Schneider
Music by Bonnie Jean Shelton
Lesson: “Man vs. Fish vs. God”

Rev. Larry believes each of us must ask ourselves: “Do we drink shallow or deeply from the spring of Bible wisdom?” Today, we’re invited to drink deeply from the spring of Hebrew Scriptures. Focusing on the familiar story of Jonah and the big fish, Rev. Larry goes deep within this ancient story to find a very personal and practical message which can guide each of us in our personal spiritual journey today.

Rev. Larry Schneider believes we enter into this life with a divine gift and our task is to awaken, nurture, and share that gift.  One of Larry’s greatest joys comes when he is helping others discover and use their divine gifts.

Larry’s students describe him as knowledgeable, inspiring, mystical, caring, and light hearted. He delights in teaching his three favorite classes: 1) The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work & Life; 2) Science, Mysticism and an Appetite for Wonder; and 3) A Mystic’s Journey.

Larry was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and raised in the beautiful gulf coast community of Clearwater, Florida.  He’s served as an Air Force medic, university instructor, emergency medical technician, state public health administrator, and Unity minister. His academic journey has included studies for Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees.

His journey for a Doctorate came to an unexpected end, however, when he discovered something far more valuable than any degree—his wife, Paula.  Larry and Paula left graduate studies and moved to Tallahassee, Florida where it was Paula who introduced Larry to Unity.

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