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January 21st: Reverend Mary Murray Shelton: Music by Cricket

Version 3

Lesson:  “Where Will New Thought Go From Here?”

Some of the ideas I’ll be exploring in this talk are: 
  • Have we worked ourselves out of a job? 
  • What matters most today? 
  • What is the “Good News” we still have to offer, and do people know they want it?

Mary Murray Shelton has spent 30 years helping hundreds of people overcome blocks to the lives they wanted to be living.

She’s a professional speaker, ordained minister, and published author who traveled the country with her book, doing 23 radio interviews and book signings in 12 states. Rev. Mary has served as Senior Minister in 4 Centers for Spiritual Living.

She has spoken at conferences in 6 countries on 4 different continents, taught countless classes and workshops, facilitated dozens of retreats, and performed so many sacred ceremonies she’s lost count!

Today Rev. Mary creates custom ceremonies and rituals for couples preparing to marry, and offers them effective relationship tools and techniques before and after their weddings, so their marriages can be as beautiful as their wedding ceremonies were.

January 28th:  Reverend Margaret Flick

Lesson: To be determined

Margaret Flick