Recent and Upcoming Lessons

Listug, Heidi and Steve

Sunday Service begins at 10:30am

October 8th:  Heidi and Steve Listug, music by Star Tom

Lesson:  “Living from Truth”

“Unity’s 5th principle says that it is not enough to study the Truth or to understand the Truth but we must live the Truth. It is only then that we can effect positive change in our lives and in the lives of everyone we touch. What does it mean to live the Truth, how does that look and what spiritual tools are available to us that support us in that endeavor?”

 Heidi  & Steve Listug have been involved at Unity In Marin since 1989 when they first joined the community as a young family. 
Heidi has served in many roles in the spiritual community. As a church employee she has been Youth Education Director, Office Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Executive Assistant to the Minister and Community Relations and Communications Coordinator. She has also served in many volunteer capacities; Worship Assistant, Prayer Team Chairperson, Special Services Coordinator, Board of Trustees’ Treasurer, Church Home Acquisition Committee and Adult Education Teacher. She currently works full time for Unity In Marin as the Director of Ministry Services.
Steve first got involved with Unity in his teens, when his mother found the then tiny Unity in Marin after leaving the Catholic Church.  When he returned to Unity In Marin with his Heidi and their children he very quickly became an inspiring and dynamic leader.  He served as a member of the church home search committee, a leader of the men’s group, a member of the board of trustees and eventually as the Board President. He was a leader of the many Vision Quests Unity has sponsored and he has served as a worship assistant for many years.  He leads a quarterly drum circle as well as a yearly New Year ’s Eve drum circle.  He is a gifted and greatly respected spiritual leader.

Upcoming Services

October 15th:  Reverend Margaret Flick; music by Andoni

Lesson:  To Be Determined

October 22nd:  Reverend Larry Schneider, music by Karen Slavin

Lesson:  “Awakening to Life’s Awe and Wonder”

Larry Schneider vertical

Throughout the ages, sages have said that heaven is all around us and that this world is literally over flowing with awe and wonder. So, why is it that most of us never experience life’s blessings? What keeps us from the awesome life we all strive for? Are there ways we can overcome any barriers that block us from experiencing life’s awe and wonder every day? Reverend Larry answers these questions in the story of a woman who meets a very special prophet and is shown a path to living the fullness of life’s beauty.