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October 18th: Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: “The Mighty Power of Faith”

Join Rev. Patricia and explore your faith experience in our world today.

Charles Fillmore says that “Faith is the perceiving power of the mind, linked with the power to shape substance.”

We’ll take a look at the consequences of our Faith in action. Bring your curiosity and your open heart this Sunday.

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel is a longtime student of metaphysics and a spiritual teacher in the mystical tradition. Patricia was the Founding minister of Unity of Berkeley and is currently a frequent Guest Minister at Unity churches.  Her study in India over the past 14 years brings a unique depth to her work as East meets Western spirituality. She is an Advanced Trainer, Oneness Meditator, One Consciousness Transformer and Ekam Circle Facilitator for O&O Academy. Rev. Dr. Patricia is passionate about helping seekers find their inner connection to the Divine, and to guide people out of stress and disconnection into the creative field of limitless possibilities. Her work as a teacher, coach, speaker, and trainer spans over 30 years with diverse groups from all cultures, faiths, and traditions. 

David McNair

October 25th: David McNair, Licensed Unity Teacher
Music by Guy Richards
Lesson: TBA

David McNair is the black sheep in his family. The son and grandson of Episcopal Bishops, he found Unity thirty-four years ago and has never looked back. He has performed every job possible in a Unity Ministry as a volunteer. He has advanced training in Hospital Chaplaincy, Hospice Grief Counseling, Unity Chaplaincy, and Pastoral Counseling. He has served as a Licensed Unity Teacher, the Spiritual Leader of Unity Clear Lake, on Unity’s West Central Regional Board, and is the Pastor Emeritus of Unity of Richmond. He believes that the presentation of spiritual principles should be interesting, practical, and involve a sense of humor.

November 1st: Rev. Dr. Barbara Leger
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: TBA

Rev. Dr. Barbara Leger has a long and illustrious career in entrepreneurship, literally guided from perfect place to perfect place. From house painter, writer and small farmer, then to Dimensions Radio, then to being a co-founder of PBS station Ch. 22 in Sonoma County. In 1986, she began YES Productions, a marketing and organizational development company, then LEGER Internationale as a project developer for the early wave of economic joint ventures between US/Europe and Soviet Union then Russia.  

After years of serving on many boards, she entered Ministerial Training, graduating in 2000 as a licensed minister. She has always felt the call to peace. Leaving her dog to her son and her Buick Park Avenue to her daughter, on Sept 11th, 2001, Rev. Barbara took the leap to answer the call and brought her experience, vision, and determination to Ukraine, committed to do all she could do for PEACE on EARTH there in that mysterious and challenging land.  

This year Rev. Barbara celebrates 19 years as the spiritual leader of a diverse organization in change. TEMENOS has spawned 2 non profits: the existing Temenos East: Center for Self-Realization, which is the teaching chapter in Ukraine, now being managed and led by a collective of practitioners, and the new NGO to serve young people and the adults who care for them. WE: Stand for the Future, was born in July 2020.

November 8th: Rev. Larry Schneider
Music by Guy Richards
Lesson: TBA

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and raised in the beautiful Gulf Coast community of Clearwater, Florida, Rev. Larry Schneider sees his life as a magical journey which has led him to many opportunities. He served as an Air Force medic, emergency medical technician, university faculty, public health program administrator, and Unity minister. Larry’s journey for a Doctorate came to an unexpected end when he discovered something far more valuable than any degree – his wife, Paula.  Larry and Paula left graduate studies and moved to Tallahassee, Florida where Paula introduced Larry to Unity.

Larry believes that every person comes into this life with a divine mission.  His is: “to awaken, remember, and transform spiritual consciousness in himself and others.”  Larry’s fellow ministers and Truth Students describe him as delightful, mystical, fun-filled, caring, and light-hearted.  Larry’s greatest joy comes when he helps others discover their true spiritual mission and joins in co-creating a spiritual community where everyone is productive, valued, and supported.

November 15th: Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: TBA

November 22nd: Rev. Margaret Flick
Music by Guy Richards
Lesson: TBA

Rev. Margaret Flick was ordained in 2010, and received her Master of Divinity from Unity Institute that same year. She has served many ministries in the Bay Area as a speaker, teacher, and consultant. Her ministries include Unity of Santa Cruz and, most recently, Unity of Santa Rosa, where she is now Minister Emerita.  

Margaret continues to volunteer for Hospice Services of Lake County as a co-facilitator for bereavement groups, and is now part of community outreach to clergy and on the team developing workshops for spiritual leaders. She writes articles for Unity’s website and booklets. She was on the Board of Unity’s West Central Region for four years and served as regional chaplain for 3 years.  

Margaret believes that being of service is one of the greatest spiritual tools to develop compassion, empathy, and spiritual fortitude.

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