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October 14th: Heidi Listug
Music by Momo Cortez
Lesson: “Don’t Over Think it. Under Think it.”

Charles Fillmore said, “Every act of man has its origin in thought, which is expressed into the phenomenal world from a mental center that is but a point of radiation and energy that lies back of it. That point of radiation is the conscious I, which in its correct relation is one with Cause, and has at its command all the powers potential in Cause. The conscious I can look in two directions–to the outer world where the thoughts that rise within it give sensation and feeling…or to the world within, whence all its life, power, and intelligence are derived.”

When we realize that our human minds too often run amok, scaring and confusing us, we can then choose to say “no” to the inner chatter, create the space for internal silence, and listen for the certainty that comes from Divine Wisdom.

Heidi Listug has served in many roles in the spiritual community. As a church employee, she has been Youth Education Director, Office Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Executive Assistant to the Minister, and Community Relations and Communications Coordinator. She has also served in many volunteer capacities: Worship Assistant, Prayer Team Chairperson, Special Services Coordinator, Board of Trustees’ Treasurer, Church Home Acquisition Committee member, and Adult Education Teacher. She currently works full time for Unity in Marin as the Director of Ministry Services.

Richard Southern

October 21st: Dr. Richard Southern
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: “God Wants to Friend You? Do You Confirm or Delete?”

We’ll continue to look at the miracle of life and how we can support our spiritual growth.


October 28th: Rev. Margie Brach
Music by Maury and Cheri
Lesson: “Things That Go Bump in the Night”

Some celebrate Halloween with little ghosts, goblins, superheroes, and princesses. Others find ways to be scared for the fun of it. Whatever our favorite Halloween tradition is, we might sometimes be startled by what is lurking within our own personal shadows. If we can gently shine the light of awareness on those fleeting apparitions, we can befriend them, and grow in confidence and power. Join us for this day of celebrating all the best of the season and the riches hidden within ourselves.

Rev. Margie Brach first attended Unity on Easter Sunday in 1988, at Christ Unity Church in Sacramento. Her career soon took her to Modesto, California where she became a Licensed Unity Teacher. After 17 years of serving the children and families of Northern California through her law practice, she started her Ministerial studies at Unity Village. Following ordination, she became Unity’s Director of Credentialing, overseeing ordination of new Ministers. After five years in that role, she and her husband Rev. Bob Brach returned to California. She now serves as the Senior Minister of her Alternative Ministry, Unity in Action, supporting the Unity Ministries of Northern California with guest speaking, teaching, retreats and workshops. Margie served for 5 years on the Board of the West Central Region of Unity Churches, and represented the West Central Region on Unity’s Regional Advisory Council. She loves being a part of the wonderful things happening at Unity churches throughout Northern California.

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