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April 21st: Rev. Margaret Flick
Music by Heartsounds Choir
Lesson: “Be Not Afraid”

We want transformation, we want a deeper experience of God, but are we willing to do what it takes to get there? Holy Week and Easter provide a blueprint for courageous spiritual transformation. Let us stand in our Truth and be unafraid.

Rev. Margaret Flick was ordained in 2010 and received her Master of Divinity from Unity Institute that same year. She has served many ministries in the Bay Area as a speaker, teacher, and consultant.  Her ministries include Unity of Santa Cruz and most recently, Unity of Santa Rosa, where she is now Minister Emeritus.

Margaret continues to volunteer for Hospice Services of Lake County as a co-facilitator for bereavement groups and is now part of community outreach to clergy and on the team developing workshops for spiritual leaders. She writes articles for Unity’s website and booklets. She was on the Board of Unity’s West Central Region for four years and served as regional chaplain for 3 years.

Margaret believes that being of service is one of the greatest spiritual tools to develop compassion, empathy, and spiritual fortitude.

April 28th: Lesson and Music by Scott Grace
Lesson: TBA


Larry Schneider

May 5th: Rev. Larry Schneider
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: TBA

May 12th: Rev. Larry Schneider
Music by Bonnie Jean Shelton
Lesson: “The Healing Will Come…from Women”

We are living in a turbulent, divisive time in our American democracy. Our national and local news is filled stories of political, ethnic, racial and gender conflict, misunderstanding, and ignorance. At this moment in our history, deeply mystical Judeo-Christian and Native American teachings tell us that from women the healing will come. What does this mean? Rev. Larry’s lesson explores the unique contributions women’s healing gifts can make to our conflicted society.

Rev. Larry Schneider believes we enter into this life with a divine gift and our task is to awaken, nurture, and share that gift.  One of Larry’s greatest joys comes when he is helping others discover and use their divine gifts.


May 19th: Rev. Sonya Milton
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: “Why You? Why Now?”

Why, in all of human history, are you here now?

Might it be that whatever individuality you carry as your own unique, wise, and precious Soul is needed now? That whatever individuality you carry as your Soul, your “Entelechy,” is a vital component and result of an almost-14-billion-year experiment?

Rev. Sonya Milton, ordained in 1991, has served as Senior Minister in Unity churches in East Tennessee, Napa, and San Francisco. Currently, Sonya is retired from pulpit Ministry and enjoys spending time with her 6-year-old great-nephew, and her husband, Rev. Hal Milton. She continues to serve Unity Worldwide Ministries and the West Central Region as a Certified Transition Consultant, guest speaker and workshop/retreat facilitator, and all around beneficial presence. Her passion and joy lie in assisting people in “coming to themselves” in real, authentic, and profound ways.


May 26th: Rev. Anthony Jackson
Music by Cheri and Maury
Lesson: TBA



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