Recent and Upcoming Lessons

Sunday Service & Youth Education begin at 10:30am

July 30:  Unity Community Sunday, music by Star Tom

Several members of Unity of Santa Rosa share their own spiritual journeys and what Unity means to them.

August 6th:  Reverend Margaret Flick, music by Star Tom

Margaret Flick

Lesson: ―”The Aloha Spirit”

The Aloha Spirit is a way of being and interacting with all of creation.  Many of us who have experienced the Aloha Spirit have been changed at depth.

Reverend Margaret is Unity of Santa Rosa’s minister. She believes that prayer, gratitude, compassion and an open and receptive mind are prime ingredients for a heart-centered, thoughtful, peaceful and joyful life.

August 13:  David McNair, LUT,  music by Andoni

Lesson:  “Most Powerful Medicine”

Modern medical science has always been looking for The Silver Bullet, a powerful pill which will cure disease. It has been discovered recently, and is available to you right now. David McNair will offer you a prescription.

David has been involved in Unity for more than 30 years. He is a Licensed Unity Teacher and has served on the West Central Regional Board of Directors as a Licensed Teacher Representative. He was the Spiritual Lead of Unity Clear Lake for seven years and is Pastor Emeritus of Unity of Richmond. His first spiritual home in the Unity movement was Unity of Santa Rosa. He describes himself as “a Santa Claus in a Hawaiian shirt who believes that the presentation of Spiritual Principles should be both interesting and fun.”

August 20:  Reverend John Beerman, music by Karen Slavin

Lesson: “Awakening the Heroes Within”

John Beerman crop

How do we discover and claim the archetypal heroes which reside deep within each of us?  Based on the work of Carol Pearson in her book by the same name, Reverend John will explore the twelve archetypal patterns that have a significant impact on our thought and behaviors.  As we begin the hero’s journey toward wholeness and health, we discover that our greatest ally is the Divine as She shows up in our deepest subconscious pattern.

Reverend John received his Master’s degree in Divinity and was ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries in 2015, fulfilling a lifelong dream.  He also is a Licensed Unity Teacher and in that capacity served as Spiritual Leader of Unity of Loveland, Colorado.  Most recently, he has served as minister to a Unity congregation in Clemson/Anderson, South Carolina.