Minister’s Message

Minister’s Message, March 2017

It is easy to say we are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim; it is harder to actually follow the precepts.  Unity has its roots in Christianity with shades of Buddhism Margaret Flick(meditation, the Law of Mind Action), Hinduism (Oneness), a bit of Judaism (some Kabbalah).  Sometimes it is difficult for Unity members to discern what we are truly about and what, if any, are our precepts?

Our dogma is our Five Principles and the guiding principle is this: “There is only one Presence and one Power, God the Good, everywhere Present.”  We apply this Principle to the scriptures that resonate within us.  But, we must also act (which is the 5th Unity Principle).

As we move into spring and the Easter season many of us are called to the teachings of Jesus:care for others and ourselves; love and forgive ourselves and each other; make right with your brother; take care of the poor, the sick; and comfort the lonely.  Jesus was action oriented, prayerful and faith-filled.

The Fillmore’s (co-founders Charles and Myrtle) believed Jesus was our WayShower and followed his teachings.  Follow is the key word.

The Fillmore’s worked to heal the sick, they offered the power of prayer to everyone, and were generous with their love and their material wealth.  They prayed AND moved their feet.

Now is not the time for us to be arm-chair believers.  If we truly want to honor Jesus, follow him—in your words, in your actions, and most importantly in your heart.  Carry his love for all living things in your heart and work to see the God, the good in yourself and in each other.

May the Awareness of Spirit of the Living, Loving Christ Presence be with you, today and always,

With Love,

Rev. Margaret Flick

Please join us for our Good Friday and Easter services.