Guy Fowler’s Concert

Guy’s Concert: October 7,  2016

Those lucky enough to be in attendance at Guy’s concert experienced a special treat. Starting with a short ‘social hour’ sharing desserts and coffee, the audience went to the sanctuary where they were greeted with Guy’s grand entrance, playing the accordion as he took to the stage to kick off a lively 2-hour performance.

Guy entertained us skillfully on the piano with a non-stop variety show of songs from Broadway Musicals, love songs, hits of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, as well as themes from various hit movies. He also demonstrated his virtuosity on the accordion with several tunes from Russian Folk music, Italian songs and polkas.

In addition, Guy further entertained us by relating a hilarious incident from his past in New York City, where her performed music for a large Jewish synagogue before coming west. It would be a disservice to try to ‘recap’ the animated and humorous delivery Guy gave as he told the ‘true story’. Only he could do it justice.

An added treat was the attendance of Andoni Panici, who is well-known to our Unity Congregants. Andoni and Guy teamed up for several songs with Andoni adding his singing skills to Guy’s mastery of the keyboard to the delight of all.

Guy’s energy and enthusiasm for performing were infectious as several of the audience members helped out with singing the lyrics of several of the songs. It was a night that those of us who attended will long remember, and hope to repeat in the future.