Planned Giving

Generosity is my natural state. I easily expand and extend into experiences of abundance and prosperity.

The Unity of Santa Rosa’s Planned Giving Program enables congregants and friends of Unity to help build the long term prosperity of the church through planned gifts for the future, providing donors with an enduring opportunity for giving.

Planned giving is the promise of financial gifts in the future upon the passing of the giver. It is an intentional act that leaves a lasting legacy in your name and sustains the powerful work of this church for generations to come.

These are the gifts typically donated.

  • Bequest in a will
  • Living trust
  • Life insurance policy
  • IRA or retirement
  • Personal property, like a car or other items of value

4 Easy Steps for Giving to the Planned Giving Program

  1. Make the commitment to give now through a promise of giving.
  2. Identify your gift goals.
  3. Notify your legal adviser, insurance carrier or fund administrator to revise or establish your will, trust, insurance policy, and/or estate making Unity of Santa Rosa a beneficiary.
  4. Notify Unity of Santa Rosa with this form of your gift commitment, that we may hold you in prayer and honor you with recognition if you desire. Gifts can be made anonymously.

Insurance policies, wills, retirement and investment funds, can all have more than one beneficiary, so your estate can benefit both your family and your church community. All donations to our church are tax free events sheltering your estate from tax consequence. Always seek the counsel of an attorney and/or a licensed, certified estate planner or financial professional when considering these options. For additional information from the church, contact the Board of Trustees.

Gift Basics

Everyone of legal age needs a will to avoid the state stepping in upon your passing to supervise liquidation of your estate. Your estate consists of any debts and assets owned by you at the time of your death. Assets can include your bank accounts, home, car, personal property, retirement funds, trusts, and insurance benefits. If the state probates your estate, the court will give your assets to your next of kin after taxation, but nothing will go to those special relationships in your life, nor to any church or other community important to your values. An estate planning attorney can help you prepare a will, or you can prepare your own simple will using available resources.

A bequest is the instruction in the will to gift a specific portion or percentage of your assets to a specific recipient. A sample of a bequest to the church would be, “I give, devise and bequeath to Unity of Santa Rosa, 4857 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 _________% of my estate ( or a specific sum of money, or description of property, or “the rest residue and remainder of my estate’) to be used for its general tax-exempt purposes and without other restrictions as to use.”

Life Insurance
You can make Unity of Santa Rosa the beneficiary of a percentage or all of an existing life insurance policy. You can purchase a new life insurance policy and make the church the owner and beneficiary with the premiums being made as tax deductible contributions to Unity of Santa Rosa. Your insurance agent can help you add Unity of Santa Rosa as a beneficiary to an existing policy or open an new policy in the church’s name.

Retirement Plans
You may make Unity of Santa Rosa a beneficiary of your retirement or profit sharing plan. Contact your retirement fund administrator to arrange this.

Individuals 70 1/2 and above can contribute IRA benefits in tax free transfers directly to Unity of Santa Rosa. Contact your IRA custodian to make these donations.

With our Planned Giving Program, there is never an obligation to give; only an opportunity to give, acknowledging our shared values and dedication to Truth and Unity principles. Please contact Unity of Santa Rosa for more information or questions (707) 542-7729.

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