Workshops and Events

Unity is an inter-denominational, inclusive, loving spiritual community. We respect and support your personal spiritual path and invite you to join us for these upcoming events.
To register for any of these events, please call 707-542-7729 or email

Town Hall Meeting on March 26

Join us from 12:30 to 2:00 pm on Sunday, April 2 as we follow up from our Annual Membership Meeting. On April 2 we will continue to address new business and comments from our congregation and members. Join us for a potluck prior to the Town Hall!

The Christian Mystics Class

March 1 – April 12, 6:30-8:00pm. (Each Wednesday)
st__hildegard_von_bingen_icon_by_theophilia-d83xlwgJoin us beginning March 1 for The Christian Mystics. Starting with Jesus and moving all the way to the present, we will allow the Christian Mystics to guide us to a deeper relationship with God, which can lead to our own resurrection experience. Led by Reverend Alyzsa VanTil. The bookstore at Unity is carrying the associated book, written by Matthew Fox. It contains daily readings for the entire year. You will be blessed!

First Wednesday Prayer & Meditation Circle

March 1, 5:30-6:15pm. (45 minute drop-in service)
We find answers, assurance, guidance and peace through prayer and meditation. Join us in a monthly prayer and meditation circle, where we can enter the silence together. Cindy Jacobs and Unity Chaplain Meg McConahey take turns leading a 45-minute drop-in service on the first Wednesday of each month. This takes place in the Unity of Santa Rosa sanctuary.

Four Seasons Lunch & Silent Auction

Sunday, March 5, 12:00 noon.
A fabulous Lunch event with Silent Auction. Look forward to hearty homemade soups including Barley and Italian-style. Yum! Suggested Love Offering $8.00.

Learn The Access Code to Your Spiritual Heart – A Workshop presented by Reverend David McArthur

Join us from 12:30 to 2:00 pm, Sunday March 12. Reverend David McArthur will teach us the ‘Heart Wisdom Tool’. This transformative technique links us directly with our spiritual hearts and calls our deepest wisdom into conscious awareness. You will see the science behind this transformation from the HeartMath® Institute’s research. You can watch real-time transformation of the heart as it opens to the flow of the power and wisdom of the spiritual nature. You will return home knowing how to connect with your deepest spiritual wisdom whenever you choose. ($20 Love Offering suggested. No one will be turned away.)

CHAI Community Healing Fair

Saturday, March 18 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Join us for a mini Healing Fair with local healing arts practitioners. Unity Church of Santa Rosa, 4857 Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa (Larkfield) Cost:  $1 per minute No one turned away…

WriWritingting Group

Monday, March 20, 2:30-4:30pm. (Generally held on third Mondays.)
Open to writers of all skill levels and genres, including poets, essayists, journal writers, general non-fiction writers and fiction writers, and not limited to Unity congregants. Writers can share their writing with other participants and request feedback, if they choose, within 20-minute sessions. Contact Tye Ellinwood at

Shamanic Healing Drum Circle

DrumNext Drum Circle is April 21 at 6:00 pm. (No drumming in March)
Based on Native and South American traditional healing ways, we drum and rattle for Pachamama and world peace, as well as give and receive individual healing energy to support our mental, Linda Deeremotional, spiritual and physical well-being. No drum experience necessary. Bring a drum and join us (we have a few available). $5+ donations accepted. Proceeds benefit Unity of Santa Rosa. Led by Linda (Deer) Domnitz, a shamanic practitioner and shamanic drum circle leader. She has extensively studied Lakota and ancient Inkan traditions. For more info about Deer, visit:


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Unity of Santa Rosa events calendar.

Mission Statement

  • Knowing God
  • Teaching Truth
  • Inspiring Dreams
  • Transforming Lives


  • Unity Teachings
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Prayer
  • Community

  • Service
  • Abundance
  • Positive Living

We are a spiritual Christian community believing in One God, many paths. We actively inspire all people to freely discover and experience their essential goodness. Wherever you are on your journey of faith you are welcome here. More about Unity beliefs…

5 Responses to Workshops and Events

  1. Nancy Caplan says:

    What happened to the Unity picnic? I thought it was in Sept. We had such fun there and everybody came to it.

  2. John Havens says:

    Will there be another Learn to Meditate workshop scheduled. I realize I just missed the workshop last Sunday. Thanks, John Havens.

    • Hi John. Thank you for your interest in the Meditation workshop. This is the second time the workshop has been offered by the wonderful Revs. Jeff & Ann. We will be in contact with them about possible upcoming dates. You are welcome to join our email newsletter list to receive notifications about upcoming offerings. You can find the link to add yourself to the email list on the home page of our website. ~ Blessings

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