Capital Campaign

This has been a wonderful year for our Capital Campaign. After our December 2015 launch, congregants, and friends, came forward with monetary gifts, time and prayers to support the idea of paying off our mortgage of $160,000. You shared the dream of a debt-free facility. We have raised over $60,000! What a great job! Moving forward, in the new year, we will continue our quest for financial security.

“Unity provides me with a spiritual family unlike anywhere else. The gathering for weekly service, along with classes and groups, allows me to love and be loved, and nurtures my soul in many ways!
This personal spiritual experience is possible because we have a place to meet; a location, a facility, a building we can call our own. Except it isn’t yet “ALL OUR OWN” – but we can make it all ours by paying off the remaining mortgage through our additional donations. While we share all our love for and with each other, let’s also make the building ALL OURS.”
praying handsJames Hicks, Member

If you have been touched by the words, the support, the mind- and heart-opening teachings, or the feeling of love and care here at Unity of Santa Rosa, please contribute to this dream in one of these ways:

  • Choose a one-time donation or a recurring amount for a specific time frame to contribute to the Capital Campaign (e.g., $200/month, January through December 2017). All contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Designate estate assets to Unity in your will or trust. This could be a tax deductible gift, specific assets (property, automobiles, jewelry, stocks) or making Unity a proportional life insurance beneficiary. Please learn more about our Planned Giving Program. You can use this form to make your gift. Contact Unity of Santa Rosa, (707) 542-7729, for more information or questions.

Be a part of it!

Bronze Booster $1,000 – $2,499
Silver Supporter $2,500 – $4,999
Golden Giver $5,000 –  $9,999
Platinum Dreamer $10,000 – (and beyond)

Donor names at these levels will be memorialized on a plaque displayed in the foyer of Unity of Santa Rosa.
No amount is too small! Donors of all other amounts will be recognized in the newsletter for the length of the campaign. The campaign will continue until the retirement of our mortgage.

Click the button to make your donation securely online right now. Please include your contact information and any instructions regarding your donation.
DonateOr click to print a Capital Campaign Pledge Form you can return to Unity of Santa Rosa.

Contributing to the Capital Campaign allows you to share your resources as a legacy to Unity of Santa Rosa’s future. Your continued weekly tithes and
offerings support our operational costs, keeping our doors open and providing our programs.

Vision it: “We see our loving church home
fully paid off.”