Gift of Gratitude

“As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily. The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world.” — Terri Guillemets

Welcome to the season of harvest and thanksgiving, such a precious time of year! The light is low and golden. The vines and trees are in flaming color. Leaves line our trails and sidewalks. The harvest is in, having been stored, sold or pressed. We are readying ourselves for a season of gratitude and celebration.

Gratitude-QuoteAt Unity of Santa Rosa we stay pretty darn grateful. We are grateful for our highly involved community, for our loving congregation, for all the opportunities we’ve had to grow spiritually and be inspired in our lives. We are grateful for the full array of speakers who have come and graced us with their wisdom and heart. We are grateful for Scott Grace’s humor, for Richard Southern’s after-service circles, Alyzsa Van Til’s “wowing” us with mystical amazement, Karen Epps’ expression and passion, Robin Gail’s insight, Margie Brach’s Unity teachings, Kathy McCall’s metaphysical perspective, Karen Drucker’s song, Janice Campbell’s daily life learnings, Bill Engelhart’s dog Shadow, Allan Hardman’s soul story, and Mary Murray Shelton’s provocative lessons. We appreciate our time with Debra O’Rourke, John Butler and Heidi Listug. All these teachers have come to share their gifts and voices with us. They have inspired and uplifted us.

Though for me our church is more than Sunday service, I will always appreciate coming on Sunday. Church aligns me for the week in a heart-centered place from which to perceive my world. I find our culture, news and life demands can erode my spiritual perspective by the end of the work week, and I can forget that I am connected to every other creature and every other person I meet. I can forget I am co-creating my world on a thought-by-thought basis. I can misplace my magnificence and bravery. Our Sunday teachers remind me of the Truth of who I am. My life works better after this Sunday realignment. I feel more peace, joy, love and gratitude. What a gift from my spiritual community! This is the practical Christianity of Unity.

Now is the time to rest for a moment, to look back at the fruits and gifts of the year, coming together in appreciation and celebration for all we are blessed with. We have our church community with all its involved and loving members. We have a sense of spiritual understanding through which to view the world and, hopefully, be able to alleviate some of the jagged edges of being human for ourselves and others. We have this precious day and each other.

Kathy HoarePlease join us in celebration for our Gratitude Concert with Maury and Cheri on November 15th.

In Gratitude,
Kathy Hoare
President, Unity Board of Trustees


Unity of Santa Rosa is committed to supporting you on your spiritual path. In addition to our Sunday Services and Youth Education, we offer a variety of classes, workshops and events. We hope you find a home here at Unity of Santa Rosa.
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1 Response to Gift of Gratitude

  1. Thanks so much for getting us going with gratitude, Kathy. You are such a talented writer, and I am grateful that you are our board president. Loving Blessings, Alyzsa

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