Expect Your Good, Create Your Good

good thingsMy husband and I come from different religious backgrounds. I was raised a Roman Catholic, and my husband was a Southern Baptist. I am grateful for the spiritual foundation I received growing up, but I found, in my twenties, that I wanted something else, something different. I wanted a spiritual home that felt right for both of us. A friend invited us to attend their church, and that is where we were introduced to the concept of New Thought. I started volunteering in the bookstore and began reading this little magazine called the Daily Word.

In Unity, I learned about the power of prayer and the power of affirmations. Looking back at my life “BU” (Before Unity), it is not that I expected bad things to happen, just that I did not always expect good things to occur. I had to do something extraordinary to “deserve” whatever good happened to me. That was just my mindset at the time.

Through the encouragement of great Unity teachers, I realized the power of my mind, of my belief system, of my expectation of good. They showed me that, when I expect good to show up in my life, I look for the good and I actually see it (surprise, surprise!). Situations, circumstances, people whom I might have ignored now became channels for good in my life because I saw the good in all.

A recent article on LinkedIn shows that the secular world is well aware of this power of positive thinking. Here is an excerpt from that article, called “The Power of Belief” by Bruce Kasanoff:

“Never underestimate the power of belief. It works both ways. If you constantly tell yourself you are not capable enough to get promoted or to get a raise, you won’t get either. If you believe you will fail, you will fail. If you fear sickness, you may well fall ill. If you feel your career is headed nowhere, it will probably head nowhere.

“The first step to health, success, and achievement is to believe. But don’t take on this challenge by yourself. Surround yourself with credible evidence that good things are headed your way. Spend time in the company of positive, supportive people. Do whatever it takes to build a strong belief in your mind that success is in your future.”

If you want to be surrounded by positive, supportive people, come experience Unity of Santa Rosa. Join us for Sunday service and stay afterwards for refreshments. Sign up for a workshop or class, such as Prosperity Plus II: Harnessing Your Invisible Power. Attend one of the special events you find on our calendar, such as Guy’s Request Concert.

Randi Vessels picTake charge and create the amazing future that you deserve! For you are part of the Divine, you are a blessing and you are truly blessed!

Randi Vessels
Secretary, Unity Board of Trustees

About UnityofSantaRosa.com

Unity of Santa Rosa is committed to supporting you on your spiritual path. In addition to our Sunday Services and Youth Education, we offer a variety of classes, workshops and events. We hope you find a home here at Unity of Santa Rosa.
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1 Response to Expect Your Good, Create Your Good

  1. Thanks for that wonderful expression of what Unity is and how we connect to our world. Randi, you are blessed and a blessing. Alyzsa

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