Welcoming Our Future

After an incredible stabilizing two years, our community has moved into being open and ready to receive Unity’s next minister. As the board member assigned to assist the search team, I am excited and honored to participate in this process.

What skills will this person bring with them to Unity of Santa Rosa? Will they be a visionary, a communicator, great in human relations, strong in chaplaincy/pastoral skills, a team player, and a spiritual counselor, or bring with them a strong administration background?

ImageWe as a community will get to decide this and how exciting is that! Every Sunday you will find a yellow sheet of paper asking for your input on this and on a few other topics. The search committee and the board will be reading these and taking notes. The board is going to hold a members’ meeting in the next couple of weeks strictly to talk about the vision for a minister and if the community is behind supporting such a move. Then there is the opportunity to serve on the search team. This team is being led by Ellin Chess, and I want to thank her for taking on this committee.

The process that the search team takes goes something like this: Unity will send in our packet to Unity Worldwide Ministries. This packet will have the job description that we as a community worked on putting together. Any ministers interested in applying for the position will send their resumes to UWM and they will forward them to us. The search team will then review them and set up phone interviews. The search team narrows it down to two or three candidates who will then come for a weekend, do a workshop and a Sunday service. It is then up to the board to decide who is chosen as our part-time minister.

Unity - Easter John cropWhomever Unity hires as a minister, it will be a person that all of us who participated in the process had a say in choosing. I ask that all of you keep the search team and the board in your prayers these next couple of months. I truly believe that we at Unity of Santa Rosa can find a minister with all the qualities that will keep us moving forward but still keep our community the special place that it is.

Blessings to All,

John Consedine

Vice President, Unity Board of Trustees


About UnityofSantaRosa.com

Unity of Santa Rosa is committed to supporting you on your spiritual path. In addition to our Sunday Services and Youth Education, we offer a variety of classes, workshops and events. We hope you find a home here at Unity of Santa Rosa.
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