As the Seasons Change, So Do We

ImageAs I look back over the last seasons, I am in awe of all the beauty and wonder that it has bestowed upon us all. I first came to Unity because of a movie night poster I saw at a local coffee shop, and my first thought was, FREE movie? Sure, why not. I mean who doesn’t love something for free, right? Little did I know that walking into Unity back in the summer of 2010 would set me on a course of building connections with such a wonderful community. I started attending movie nights on a pretty regular basis and noticed a flyer on the table about an upcoming class called “Prosperity Plus – A New Way of Living.” Again I thought everyone needs prosperity (I know I sure did). Taking that step has completely changed my life!

I joined Unity as a new member in November 2012, and since then I have joined the Board of Trustees and co-facilitate movie nights and Prosperity Plus, which are both near and dear to my heart. Without them I may never have found such a loving and wonderful community of like-minded people.

I am so happy and grateful to be part of the Unity community and on the Board of Trustees. We have seen Unity of Santa Rosa lose its minister, and face what seemed like the certain end of the church, to become a thriving and growing community with ever increasing financial stability and community involvement. I would like to personally thank ALL the past and present Board Members for doing such a wonderful job, even when it may have felt like an impossible job of holding Unity together.

You never know what will inspire, guide, or change your life forever, whether it is a FREE movie or a 10-week class in Prosperity Plus. All you have to do is be open and awake to the possibilities and gifts presented to you along the way.

As I look back on the past and look forward to the upcoming seasons, I am so grateful to be right here…. right NOW! We are all on a journey of discovery. We just have to be open to the possibilities that surround us and be willing to take the steps to go in the direction of our dreams.

I would like to invite you to come and enjoy a movie with us or join the next “Prosperity Plus – A New Way of Living” class and find out for yourself what it is all about. I promise you that if you take action you will not be disappointed in the outcome.

“Inspiration without action is merely entertainment – act on your inspiration today.” ~ Mary Manin Morrissey

What are you grateful for?

Candace Bertrand, Vice President

Unity Board of Trustees


Unity of Santa Rosa is committed to supporting you on your spiritual path. In addition to our Sunday Services and Youth Education, we offer a variety of classes, workshops and events. We hope you find a home here at Unity of Santa Rosa.
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