Here Am I, Lord, Send Me

Randi Vessels picOne of my favorite books is A Grateful Heart, edited by M. J. Ryan. This book is a collection of “Daily Blessings…from Buddha to the Beatles”, and always provides me with inspiration. I want to share one of the blessings from this book, a blessing that speaks to the gift of service we each have to offer:

Where will you place the “talent” you have been given? We must ask that question afresh each day, each year. Where will you focus the potential for creative action that is yours? Those are the questions before the man and the woman of our time. I think we do not improve on the answer given by Isaiah twenty-five hundred years ago, “Here am I, Lord, send me.”

Send me into the village square, send me into schools, send me into the day camps for children, send me into the task of creating beauty, send me into the business world to create more jobs, send me into the political world to struggle for the values I hold dear, send me into the earth as her son, to love her and to cherish her. Send me to help create the “thousand healths and hidden isles” not yet even imagined. Then I will know that I have lived and loved well with this precious gift of life that has been given to me.  – Dwight H. Judy

What is it you can do to be of service? How will you know that you have, indeed, “lived and loved well with this precious gift of life…” ? I believe that each one of us has unique answers to those questions, just as we each have unique gifts and talents that, when shared, enrich our community and our world.

I challenge you to find a way, every day, to be of service. Find your passion. Share your gifts. Live with boundless joy.

As we each live, breathe, think, act, and pray from the knowledge that we are, indeed, “the light of the world”, we bless ourselves and others.


Randi Vessels

Secretary, Unity Board of Trustees


Unity of Santa Rosa is committed to supporting you on your spiritual path. In addition to our Sunday Services and Youth Education, we offer a variety of classes, workshops and events. We hope you find a home here at Unity of Santa Rosa.
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